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Kimble's Volumetric Pipets have been upgraded on several measures!  Quality, Traceability and Economy

Our Volumetric Pipets have always been a strong performer, a rugged and dependable product with conformance to ASTM standards. Our expert product engineers have tested our pipets against the competition and, simply put, the others were not up to the challenge!

Quality: World-class quality volumetric pipets designed from ASTM specification E969. Color coded and available in sizes 0.5 mL to 200 mL. Custom capacities are also available.

Traceability: Serialized, Certified is supplied with a Certificate of Calibration tied to the serial number printed on the glass. Unserialized is supplied with a Certificate of Accuracy tied to the batch number printed on the glass.

Economy: Now packaged in smaller case quantities to better service general laboratory needs.

How do your volumetric pipettes measure up?

A clear difference can be seen by comparing the packaging and visually inspecting the pipets.

Pipettes – Is the glass wall uniform from top to tip for longstanding, chip-free use? Is the bulb sloped to promote liquid outflow? Is the mark line thin for the most accurate measurements? Is the traceability clearly printed and easy to read from all angles? Is the batch code, and serial number if applicable, printed on the glass and matched to the certificates provided in the cartons?

Packaging – Is the carton clearly identified, sturdy and stackable? Does the package separate and protect each piece with no stress or pressure placed on the glassware? Are the batch certificates included in the cartons?

Some things we have noted from competitors’ products are thinner tips, squared bulb design, thick measuring line that hinders accurate measurements, poorly printed markings that are near impossible to read through the glass, and packaging that does not separate and protect each piece without added tension on the glassware.

These differences we believe are significant enough to make the case...

Clearly, Kimble manufactures better volumetrics!

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Kimble Volumetric Pipets : When Accuracy Matters ...  And it Always Matters!

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