Could a single source for your laboratory and packaging glassware help you save costs in your operations?

Your Comprehensive Glassware Source for Laboratory Research and Scientific Packaging Solutions 

We are a full line manufacturer of standard and custom laboratory and packaging glassware with locations around the world. With over a century of scientific glassware expertise, our global supply chain experts will help you select and source your labware and meet your quality standards at every step.

In this resource guide you will get:

  • Best practices and product recommendations
  • Laboratory and scientific packaging glassware solutions
  • Technical tables, protocols and guidelines

Ultimately, we want this helpful content to be put to good use in your workplace, as we will use interaction with this content to serve as the basis for future product offers!

Confidently maintain your product quality and purity by sourcing from DWK Life Sciences, your global laboratory partner.

Kimble Laboratory Glassware